Microsoft Excel Course (Level 3)

The Microsoft Excel course covers Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam objectives to help you prepare for the Excel Associate (Office 365 and Office 2021): Exam MO-200 and Excel Expert (Office 365 and Office 2021): Exam MO-201 certifications.

About the course

The Microsoft Excel course (Level 3) is tailored to help you take your Excel skills to the next level. By now, you’re likely familiar with the basic and intermediate functions and features of Microsoft Office Excel 2021 and its powerful data analysis tools. You’re likely called upon to analyze and report on data frequently, work with others to extract actionable insights, and maintain workbooks for various purposes. With this level of usage and collaboration, you’ve probably encountered some challenges. This course aims to help you overcome those challenges by showing you how to automate repetitive tasks, collaborate effectively with colleagues, and use conditional logic and dynamic arrays to construct and apply advanced formulas and functions, so you can focus on getting the answers you need from the vast amounts of data your organization generates. Building on the foundational and intermediate knowledge covered in the Microsoft Excel (Level 1) and Microsoft Excel (Level 2) courses, this program will help you make the most of your Excel experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Course Objectives

Course Outline

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